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Best Practices of Church Based Missionary Care - Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Peer2Peer Webinar

Dave Wilson and Lori Rogers share about how the church can implement best practices of intentional care of the global workers that are entrusted to them.

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Engaging the church in Missionary Care: Sixteen-Fifteen

How do we engage the whole congregation in missionary care? This webinar will help churches promote the well-being, growth, effectiveness, and resilience of career missionaries through meeting their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Join Sixteen Fifteen and David Wilson as he relates real life experiences and shares how the church can create a system of proactive care which will ensure lasting engagement of both the church and agency into the lives of our beloved missionaries.

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Mind the Gaps in Care for your Missionaries: Waypoint Partners

If your church supports missionaries, then you obviously care "about" them. But do you have an intentional and proactive way of caring "for" them? Join us for a webinar that will start a process of equipping your church to provide much needed care for those whom you send to the ends of the earth. Hosted by Waypoint Church Partners.

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Missionary Care Resources by Subject/Topic





Counseling/Retreat Centers:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):



Team Building Tools/Psych Assessments:


Mind the Gaps Resources by Chapter

Philosophy of Effective Ministry (POEM) – Chapter 2

Predictors of Missionary Success (Chapter 4)

Connecting through Prayer (Chapter 6)

Connecting the Missionary to the Care Team (Chapter 7)

Connecting with the Sending Agency (Chapter 9)

    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):

Spiritual Needs (Chapter 10)

Emotional Needs (Chapter 11)

  • Normal stressors in the lives of missionaries:
    • Stages of team development
    • Stages of cultural adjustment (honeymoon phase, etc.)
    • Frustration and exhaustion of being a 2-year old again in terms of language development
    • Grieving losses in the home culture
    • New team member fitting into already established team
    • Questions of how much to depend on teammates initially, etc.

Practical Needs (Chapter 12)

Professional Effectiveness Needs (Chapter 13)

  • Communication tools and current technology
    • Zoom or GoToMeeting - HD video conferencing with desktop sharing
    • Skype: Video chat, less secure but cheap and accessible
    • VSee: More secure and used by professional counselors under HIPPA privacy

Re-entry, Retirement and other Transitions (Chapter 15)


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