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A Missionary Pipeline for your Church

This webinar will develop a practical application of the Great Commission mandate by describing a proactive and intentional process of raising up the next generation of "sent ones" within the context of the local church. Join Sixteen:Fifteen and guest presenters David and Lorene Wilson in connecting all the links to the pipeline and discover your church's full potential.  Listen to webinar recording


Build Out the Missionary Pipeline for your Church

Does your church need a pipeline? A fully integrated global supply chain of disciples with an effective infrastructure to distribute them around the world? Watch our interview with Shawn Paul from MorningStar Missions: Watch Video

Articles and Journals
Resources by Topic/Subject


Connecting to the Pipeline-Questions for Mission Agencies


Step In Study: Free Five Week Study Exploring Your Purpose in this Generation

Biblical Basis of Missions: God’s Heart for the Nations

Momentum: Rethink God's Mission, Our Call, Your Role

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Xplore: God's word, world and work 

Go Mobilize: Inviting Others to Join You in Living out God's Global Purpose

Discovering Your Story in God's Global Mission 


Example of a Sending Pipeline

Sending Church Elements

Developing a Sending Culture

Qualifications of a Sending Church

Importance of a Sending Church



Resources for Biblical, Strategic, Church Missions Mobilization 

Best Practices in Mobilization

Mobilizing the Next Generation of Missionaries


9 Marks: Great Commission fulfilled by churches

Catalyst services: Gallery of Missions Articles

Shepherds Staff: Two, not three Choices given by our missionary God

Storyline: The Power of Mobilizing Others

The Gospel Coalition: Don’t go until you’re sent

World Christian Living: Goer, Sender Mobilizer and Welcomer 

John Piper:
Don’t Complicate the “Missionary Call"

Training the Next Generation of Evangelical Pastors and Missionaries

John Stott, A village church with a village God

Ruth Ann Graybill, Emotional needs of women on the mission field

Ed Stetzer, "Involving all of God’s people in All of God’s mission”

J.D. Greear, The Next Wave of Missions devotional


The Upstream Collective

9 Marks

Catalyst Services

Globalcast Resources

SEND International

Global Missions Toolbox

Resources by Chapter

Foundation Chapter: Prayer


More Disciples

Missions U

Team Expansion

Chapter 2: Call Experiences from the Past

The Traveling Team

Mission Revolution

World Christian Living: Goer, Sender, Mobilizer and Welcomer

Chapter 3: Call Experiences from Today’s Missionaries


IBEC Ventures

Chapter 4: The Missionary Call

Neal Pirolo, Emmaus Road International

Chapter 5: Family Objections

Gene Perret: www.azquotes.com/author/91716-Gene_Perret

Chapter 7: Money

Center for Mission Mobilization

SRS Personal Support Raising Boot Camps

5 Keys to Personal Support Raising

Chapter 10: Developing a Mobilization Model

The Upstream Collective

Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care

Chapter 11: Building a Mobilization Team

Urbana Conference

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Chapter 12: Bethlehem Baptist Church

Bethlehem Baptist Affirmation of Faith 

Nurture Program:

Chapter 13: Calvary Church

Calvary Church

Cross Training Candidate manual

Chapter 14: Liberty Bible Church

Liberty Bible Church

Future Missionaries

The Hardy Personality

Scripture memory principles:
How to Memorize Scripture
Scripture Memory Made Simple

Giving Feedback:
Communication skills
5 Steps to Giving Good Feedback

DiSC profile, combines DiSC profile with a spiritual gifts assessment

Strengths Finder


Picture of empathy

Understanding the Johari Window model

Chapter 15: Lincoln Berean Church

Lincoln Berean Church

Chapter 16: Sardis Church

Sardis Fellowship Baptist Church

John Stott, A village church with a village God

Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study

Chapter 17: Perspectives

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives History and Ministry Vision

John Piper, Training the Next Generation of Evangelical Pastors and Missionaries

Chapter 18: Mobilization Ideation

The Navigators

Navigators Missions

Missio Nexus

Chapter 19: Influencing Youth

Wheaton University

Global Learning Partners, “About Dialogue Education”

Chapter 20: Women's Issues

Thrive Ministry:

Full Member Care Quiz can be requested at: [email protected]

Ruth Ann Graybill, The Emotional Needs of Women on the Mission Field

Chapter 21: Men’s Issues


Jim Cress, M.A., LPC, CSAT

Pure Desire Ministries

Gentle Path at The Meadows

Chapter 22: MK/TCK Issues

Michele Phoenix - MK and TCK Advocate

Chapter 24: Cultural Adaptation and Language Acquistion

Train International

Missionary Preparation: Readiness Assessment Tool from DualReach

Chapter 25: Building Resiliency

Advance Global Coaching

Chapter 26: What Missionaries wish they knew before the Field

World Evangelical Alliance, ReMAP II: Worldwide Missionary Retention, Study and Best Practices

Chapter 27: Avant Ministries

Avant Ministries

Chapter 28: Frontiers

Frontiers USA

Chapter 29: Navigators


Navigators Worldwide

Chapter 30: Pioneers


Chapter 31: TEAM

TEAM Church Resources

Chapter 32: WorldVenture

Operation World

World Venture

Chapter 33: Wycliffe

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Chapter 34: Camino Global

Camino Global merged with Avant Ministries in July 2019. Read more here.

Chapter 35: Greater Europe Mission

Greater Europe Mission

Chapter 36: Advance Global Coaching

Advance Global Coaching

Chapter 37: Center for Intercultural Training



Chapter 38: Mission Training International

Mission Training International

Chapter 40: Sixteen:Fifteen

Sixteen: Fifteen - coaching

Ed Stetzer, “Involving all of God’s people in All of God’s mission”

Chapter 41: Business as Mission


IBEC Ventures

J.D. Greear, The Next Wave of Missions

Recommended Books
Services / Ministries














Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Nurture Program - Thank you to Todd Rasmuson and Bethlehem Church
for providing these resources at no cost (see Chapter 12 above)


Calvary Church, Lancaster, PA

Cross Training Candidate Manual - Thank you to Steve Beirn and Calvary Church
for providing these resources (see Chapter 13 above)


Liberty Bible Church, Chesterton, IN


Lincoln Berean Church, Lincoln, NE


Sardis Fellowship Baptist Church, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


North Point Community Church, Atlanta, GA

Mission Agencies













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