That Just ain’t Fair!

That Just ain’t Fair! by Dave Wilson with Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson serves as the Chairman of the Mission Core Team here at Trinity Church. By trade, he is an attorney working with civil law in San Bernardino. He is married with 3 children.
Matthew 20-22
This week as I was reading through Matthew in anticipation of writing this blog, I prayed for the Lord to reveal people to join me in this journey who could bring light to the passages that were chosen. I immediately thought of Craig for this segment because I needed help dealing with the topic of fairness. As an attorney, Craig has to play the part of an impartial guide through various human interactions. Fairness is important to people in his profession which is symbolized by Lady Justice who is blindfolded and holding scales to ensure equality.
This first story of laborers in a vineyard is sometimes troubling to people who are fairness-minded. How can one man’s work for the entire day equal another man’s work for only one hour? Another fairness issue comes when Jesus arrives into Jerusalem to crowds who are excited and singing his praise, but we know the rest of the story. This same crowd turns on Him in just a few days to demand His execution. And then there is the dreaded topic of paying taxes. Just last week you either paid the tax man or you filed for an extension. Either way, it just did not seem fair to have to pay so much for so little in return. But in these passages, Jesus takes us one step beyond fairness. In light of eternity, things on earth really don’t seem to matter very much. When compared to His incomparable riches in glory, our paychecks are irrelevant. Taxes are man-made and earth bound, so that is where they should stay.

However, the crowd is worthy of some study and contemplation if we want to deal with this fairness issue. How much are we like the crowd? At one point in time, we are joyful and excited about our faith and what God is doing in our lives. Then at another point in time we turn our backs on Him to pursue our fleshly desires and worldly pursuits. We become more concerned with the temporal kingdom on earth, and ignore the Eternal Kingdom that Jesus came to bring. How fair is that to our Lord who left His home in heaven, suffered on our behalf and then conquered evil and death to bring us into a new life in Him? In all fairness, let’s agree to live our abundant life for him today.

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