JOB: Satan the Adversary

Satan – The Hidden Adversary
Job 19-21
The drama continues as Job persists in his request for an audience with the Lord and proclaims that he believes a redeemer will come to his rescue. Zophar continues to beat his drum about how the wicked suffer and the righteous prosper. As you read this portion of the story, let’s think back about the one who started all of this – Satan.
One day, the evil one enters the presence of the Lord and begins his work. From the story, here is what we know about him:
  • He has access to God
  • The earth is where he roams
  • He is not afraid of God – He challenges the Lord with bold disrespect
  • He can only act with God’s permission and he his power is limited by God 
  • He understands human nature and knows our weaknesses
  • God allows him access to His creation – for a purpose
As quickly as he arrives on the scene, he also disappears, leaving a trail of destruction, sorrow and pain. Since he is intimately aware of human nature, he is able to custom design the affliction he puts on Job. He makes some key observations about what humans hold dear:
  • Protection
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Family

The word Satan is literally ‘The Accuser”. God gave him the power to afflict but keeps him on a leash. Satan does all he is allowed to do and no more. Therefore, we can see that he is an entity under God’s authority. What does that say about his freewill? He has the ability to touch the lives of humans in the most sensitive areas that are listed above. What is your most vulnerable area? Is there some weakness that the accuser may be able to manipulate? 

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