I’m Trading my SUV for a Pick-up Truck

I’m Trading my SUV for a Pick-up Truck by Dave Wilson with Tim Breon
Tim Breon is a Case Manager in San Bernardino for Inland Temporary Homes, a non-profit that helps low income families with rent and utility payments as well as finding a home to stay. He serves Trinity Church by leading our homeless ministry through the Blessing Center.
Matthew 23-25
Tim has recently made many changes in his life for the glory of God. Previously he was in the real estate business providing mortgage loans, but now he is working with a non-profit that helps low-income families find adequate housing. (I guess we could consider real estate to be a non-profit business these days, but I digress). Along with his volunteer work at the cold-weather shelter, Tim is constantly helping people who struggle with housing. He recently mentioned to me that he may trade in his SUV for a pick-up truck so that he can help haul furniture and appliances for people who are in need. We have seen a major change in Tim over the last couple of years that he has been serving the poor in our area. One of the most significant changes is the fact that he knows the names of these people who are standing on street corners with cardboard signs. And they know his name! Tim’s new friends go by Scarecrow, Caveman and Big Bird. That is a big change for a man who was once accustomed to six figures.
Tim is living out the story in Matthew 25:34-40 where Jesus lets us know that if we are serving and caring for people, then He considers our service as an offering to the Lord. Here our Lord gives us a glimpse of heaven and the final judgment. People are separated by their deeds of love and compassion. Now, we all know that salvation is by grace alone and not by works, but Jesus is making a statement about what he expects us to do as His people. We are to feed the hungry, give drink to those who thirst, welcome strangers into our lives, give clothes to those who have none, visit the sick and love those who are unlovable (prisoners, outlaws…in-laws).

Today, as you go about your daily routine, try to see Jesus in the faces of those around you who are in need of help. What would you do if they actually were Jesus in the flesh?

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