God Loves Me Enough to Send Me to Prison

God Loves Me Enough to Send Me to Prison by Dave Wilson with Eldon Rynders
Eldon serves as the team leader for our prison ministry called KAIROS. Throughout the year, they enter the Maximum Security Men’s Federal Penitentiary in Victorville and host a 3 day discipleship weekend with inmates.
Matthew 11-13
After spending time with Eldon, I did a little research on one of the more obscure passages of scripture that he drew my attention to: Matthew 12:20 where Jesus quoted the prophet Isaiah. He mentions “a bruised reed he will not break”. If you google this phrase, you will get lists of websites and articles about prison ministry. Chuck Colson’s organization, “Prison Fellowship” even uses the logo of a bent reed to symbolize their work with prisoners. There are many people online who have labeled themselves as ‘bruised reeds’ because of unhealthy and unwise decisions they have made in their lives. But each one that I read gave praise to the Lord that they are not broken and discarded – only bruised.
Men and women who reach the end of the line by serving time in prison are often more open to the gospel than they ever have been. They have “TIME” on their hands to contemplate their behavior and think of ways to alter their course for the future. Actually, KAIROS is the Greek word for time. Not just any time, but God’s appointed time that is reserved as a special moment for His purposes.

As Jesus quotes Isaiah, he completes the passage that says, “…he brings justice to victory; and in his name the Gentiles will hope.” Justice is significant to Jesus here because he knows that the Pharisees are conspiring against him. He is not just concerned about justice here on earth, but spiritual justice as well. The parables of the ‘sower’, ‘the hidden treasure’ and ‘pearl of great price’ all direct His followers to strive for higher purposes here on earth. In prison, inmates are given time to consider the depth of having a relationship with Christ. But, we who are free, often take our time for granted. We are busy people and do not always set aside margin in our lives for depth. I have heard people say, “We are a mile wide, but an inch deep” when it comes to our faith. Participating in Route 66 is one positive way of creating margin (time) for the Lord to speak to you and guide you during your day. Keep it up!

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